Guy Finlayson


We talk to Guy Finlayson about his True Origins.

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Cashless payment

What’s on the menu? The ultimate Gin Bible

Gin lovers rejoice! The True OriGINs Scottish Gin festival comes to London in less than a week and you can still purchase your tickets for you and your pals!

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Cashless payment

Going Cashless at the Gin Festival – Please Read

At True OriGINS Scottish Gin Festival we want to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. We have teamed up with TicketCo for our event which means that you don’t have to worry about taking cash, or lots of cards. Instead, all you need to do is download the TicketCo app, set yourself up and enjoy your evening with your pals!

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True OriGINs Festival Menu

True OriGINs festival not only celebrates the very best of Scottish gin, but will also be showcasing classic Scottish produce at its various street food stalls. Here is just some of its offerings…

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Gin Pals

8 things to do to make sure you have a Braw time this November at the London Gin Festival

The London Gin Festival, presented by True OriGINs, being the very best of Scotland down to Tobacco Dock from 1st – 4th November. Take in the Scottish atmosphere, enjoy over 80 Scottish gins, indulge in some quality Scottish food. And while you are there, why not learn some of the lingo? Here are 8 things you can do at the festival to ensure you have a pure braw time!

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Man cooking

Slow cooked Irn Bru Pulled Pork

As iconic as haggis, tartan and whisky, Irn Bru is a firm favourite of families across Scotland. Indeed, Scotland is the only place in the world where Coca Cola is not the best-selling soft drink. Along with Prince Harry, Irn Bru can absolutely be described as a national ginger treasure.

As well as enjoying a can, there are other creative ways to bring the joys of Irn Bru into your life. Check out the recipe below for Irn Bru pulled pork! A great recipe to have with your pals!

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Mungo and Guy

Staying True to its Origins

Meet two Scottish lads, Mungo and Guy. These guys are proper Scotsmen, true to their heritage and very often seen in kilts. They also believe that Scottish produce is genuinely the best produce in the world and are passionate about showing it off!

When we think Scottish produce, one thing that springs to mind is whisky, but over the last few years Scotland has started to celebrate one of its other alcoholic offerings: gin.

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