Guy in heather


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your passion for True OriGins?

Guy – 26. My passion for product provenance came from working in the wine and whisky industries. With wine in France or Italy the locals are always so keen and excited to tell you about their local wines and who makes them and why they are special. I hold this in very high regards, provenance and origin really help create a story and an ethos behind products which elevates them above mass produced labels. I want people to have passion in the country, learn about the products we make locally, discovering where things are from, how they are made and who makes them.

Your way of life is fairly unique, tell us about some of the things you love to do?

Walks with my gin dog Izzy across the heather hugged hills of the highlands (obviously in a kilt)! Daily walks in the wilderness of Aberdeenshire help to collate my thoughts on life, friends, the business direction and strategy and how I am going to bring the people a product I am so passionate about, then having a gin in the evening by the open fire. Dog walks become a much more frequent occurrence between October to January and on Saturdays we just add sloe gin and friends. I’m involved with the local rugby club Deeside Rugby and love a run around when I can. It’s an amazing community club that I am privileged to be a part of.

Guy in heather

I also don’t miss out on other things that are around me:
Skiing - Scotland and abroad
Fishing – jokes, I stand in the river and pay to splash successfully catching bugger all…. But I love being outside and being able to have that so close to home is amazing.
Swimming - in the river on summer evenings after work. This is the bomb. Like 8 at night, just wonderful absolutely bliss.
Dinner - with friends, gather my gin pals having some mega scoff, drinking and stories .

"Look after your nice things, and your nice things will look after you" tell us what can't you live without?

The dog, pals, gin. But seriously, my phone helps me to get back to our extended gin family, keeping the past firmly in the future. Sun glasses – for the 3 days a year I require them here.. but I’ve bought them, so I’ll get my money’s worth. Watch – gotta be on time.. ish.. unless I get excited by something then I’m f**ked... Tweed hat – casual or baseball cap – grafting (must be on backwards) Chinos and shirts, this week I proudly announced to the world I bought my first pair of jeans.. yup... at 26.

What event have you worked on that you're most proud about?

2014 where this all started, I’m proud of everything we as a group produce. We’ve built this from the ground up and the team around me is what allows me to function at my full ability.

What is your favourite gin currently, and do you have a perfect serve?

Autumn Gin, the first gin I’ve made with some help from some of the amazing distillers that we get to work with. Perfect serve? Lots of ice, double measure of gin and equal parts Walter Gregor tonic water and a slice of apple. Served with friends.

Guy in heather

What would we typically find in your pockets when out and about?

My phone and two bank cards… No cash. Tweed cap up top, probably wellies or brogues…

What do you typically do to relax, are there activities you enjoy doing with friends and family which link to your love of Gin?

Relaxing with my pals, dinner, love catching up with everyone. We all separately lead very busy lives and being able to stop and appreciate your friends around you is very important to me.

How did you first come across gin, lots of people say they are introduced to Gin through friends and family?

Granny! Firstly… then through working in the drinks industry. I think I really identified with it well because it can be so diverse and that really interested me. My first love was a French gin with pink pepper corns, it just excited me that you could experience a flavour journey like that in a white spirit. But it’s got to be mainly down to granny, she’s a champ.

We understand that this is just the start for you and True Origins, can you tell us a bit more about what’s planned in the future?

True OriGINs is growing legs, daily we try to explore a new avenue of adventure to see if it is something that would fit into the model we are growing. We are just about to launch a subscription service which I’m terribly excited to work on, it will include our top gins from the festivals together with locally sourced gems from each region of Scotland from where the gin is from.

I love to discover nice things.

I am hugely passionate about making this something that people will truly look forward to receiving each month. The work that we are doing behind closed doors to bring the customer the best experience possible coupled with the conversations it starts with the Makers and Mavericks of this industry really ignites a fire in my belly to deliver.

Guy in heather